When you become a mother, you must make peace with the child you have inside

A woman who becomes a mother has to deal with her inner child.

When a new life is born, a mother is born who must accept her inner universe.

Motherhood is an emotional experience that forces women to look inside themselves, everything we live on a physical and psychic level puts us in front of problems that we thought were solved.

Every woman has the duty to make peace with the child that hides in her, and during maternity, this thing becomes natural, as if it were an obligatory step before giving birth to her child.

In fact, how can you teach a child about life if you don’t make peace with what you have inside first?

The child who resides in us, represents our past: the scents of childhood, the hugs of grandparents, the carefreeness and peeled knees.

These memories become a constant presence of our life for better or for worse: the people we have lost, the things we have not done, the dreams that have not been realized. All this inevitably influences our psyche and our way of life.

Even when we pretend not to give weight to those voices that come from within, they influence us more than we imagine, in the choices we make and in our relationships with others.

The little girl who resides inside every woman can be a teacher of life or an inner demon. It is precisely in this case that, in view of the birth of your child, you must listen to her, face her and make peace with her.

Silencing her voices will not help. Re-capitalization with this precious internal entity, on the other hand, is fundamental when you become a mother: only in this way will you be able to give something profound and great to yourself and to the new life you are giving birth to.

The best time to solve the dramas of the past, is during pregnancy, every woman finds herself facing a path to discover herself and life in general: the body becomes the container of a new life and the emotions become deeper.

It is time to listen, accept and forgive.

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