What to Bring in the Hospital Bag: The Ultimate Guide

If it’s getting close to the time your baby is born, you’re probably wondering what to bring in the toddler bags for mom, especially if you’re a first-time mom.

In this post, we tell you everything you need for both mom and baby’s bag. Also, we include a downloadable checklist with everything you need to make everything much easier and not leave anything behind! 🙂

How to organize everything

It is advisable to have everything organized at least 3 weeks before the due date so that in case the baby comes early you have everything ready and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Depending on whether the hospital is public or private you will need more or fewer things, so it is best to make a list with all the doubts and contact the hospital where you will give birth to be sure of what you need to bring.

Public hospitals will give you practically everything, although if you prefer you can take your things if you feel more comfortable.

We recommend that you keep your baby and mom’s things in two separate bags so that it is easier for you to find everything. Also, if you want to have everything under control, much moms-to-be work by putting things in different bags inside the suitcase.

In the case of things that you can’t keep until the last minute, such as your mobile phone or charger, it may be a good idea to put a post-it or a piece of paper next to the bags so that you don’t leave it behind when you go to the hospital. And if you forget anything… don’t worry! You can always go to a family member to pick up what you need 😉 or place an express order in our baby decoration shop.

Hospital bag for mom

2-3 front opening nighties to make it easier to breastfeed in case you want to breastfeed your baby
Going home slippers and flip-flops to move comfortably around the hospital room
Robe, so you don’t get cold in the hospital and feel more comfortable when visitors arrive
Disposable or high-waisted cotton panties so that if you have a C-section, the seam does not exactly match the scar
2-3 bras (breastfeeding if you are going to breastfeed)
2 pairs of socks to keep your feet warm

Postpartum pads

  • Cream to prevent cracking and sore nipples if you are breastfeeding and absorbent discs for when the milk comes in
  • Toilet bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, moisturizer, rubber bands or hair clips, cocoa for lips, deodorant, some make-up if you use it, hairdryer and if you wear contact lenses: contact lenses, contact lens liquid and glasses.
  • Comfortable clothes to leave the hospital
  • Documentation: ID card, social security or private insurance card and folder with all pregnancy documents

Hospital bag for the baby

Don’t forget that the clothes you need will depend on the time of year the baby is born and that they should be clothes that are easy to put on and don’t make diapering difficult. In addition, it is advisable to wear clothes that are a little bigger, in case the baby’s clothes are not enough:

  • 4-5 pajamas (short and long sleeves)
  • 3-4 Bodies (short and long sleeves)
  • 2 Caps, as they lose a lot of heat from the head
  • 2 pairs of booties/socks
  • Mittens: the use of mittens is not recommended, since touch is one of the most important senses for the baby, but if he is born with long nails it may be necessary so that he does not scratch his face. When he is a few days old you can file his nails so that he doesn’t scratch himself
  • 4-5 bibs
  • 3-4 dummies
  • 4 small muslins in case the baby regurgitates, we have to clean the little slugs…
  • 2 large muslin/blanket for tucking in baby
  • Newborn diapers: Usually you will get these at the hospital, but you can bring some just in case
  • Toilet bag: natural sponge, soap, organic wipes, cotton towel, moisturizing cream, bum ointment, soft hairbrush, gauze
  • Set for when you get out of the hospital
  • Laundry bag, something we often forget and then we have nowhere to leave the baby’s dirty clothes…

The parent or guardian should prepare a change of clothes, a toiletry bag, a camera or mobile phone, and a mobile phone charger, as well as some money for parking fees, in case you want to buy snacks or need anything. And remember to have your car seat ready for when you come back from the hospital, you can choose one of the bugaboo cars we have in our online shop.

We hope this post will help you to prepare your bags for the hospital. To make it even easier, you can download this checklist with everything you need by clicking here, so you don’t leave anything behind! 🙂

We wish you the best in this new adventure… you are going to be a super mom!

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