What are hysterical crises and how to treat them?

Hysterical crises affect many people, especially pregnant women or new mothers. Here’s what you need to know.

The term hysteria, born in the nineteenth century in the psychiatric field, was used to indicate very intense neurotic attacks, which mainly affected women. The hysterical crises do not occur suddenly, but are preceded by precise warning bells. A hysterical crisis in pregnancy, as happens to the protagonist of “Women on the verge of a nerve crisis”, is a classic: but let’s see what the hysterical crises come from.

The main causes of hysterical crises

Meghan Markle also risked being caught in a nervous breakdown after her marriage to Prince Harry. Hysteria is a common disease and is classified as a conversion disorder, which turns psychological discomfort into physical symptoms. Among the main reasons that lead to a nervous crisis there are:

  • excessive stress;
  • lack of rest.

Excessive stress

It is undeniable that when you are overstressed, this condition is also reflected in your body. Let’s start to feel physically ill with stomach and headaches, for example. The onset of a hysterical crisis is often due to excessive mental fatigue, which is not addressed in a direct way, but rather is hijacked and transformed by a mental illness to a physical one. Doing some anti-stress exercises will help you slow down the pace before it explodes.

Lack of rest

Surely you’ve slept badly during the night and then woke up in the morning with the mood of a serial killer ready for action. Mothers hear signs of an oncoming nervous breakdown, especially those with very young children. This is one of the first symptoms of a hysterical crisis that is about to break out: psychologically you will feel inadequate and your desire to escape and no longer understand how to deal with everyday problems will take over, creating a sense of physical discomfort. Again, it’s best to take a little off before you get your nerves poked.

Physiological causes of the nerve crisis

Hysterical crises are not always caused by something temporary, but they have a much deeper origin. A nerve crisis may conceal much more serious problems, such as brain or physical disorders or brain tumours. Sometimes, personality disorders or schizophrenia, or even bipolarism, are the basis of a hysterical crisis.

How to treat nerve crises

As stated by Dr. Domenico Giuseppe Bozza, hysterical crises are treated with the help of a psychiatrist, once you are assured that their origin is not organic. The professional will help you to find the causes of your psychological illness, teaching you how to eliminate them, when this is possible. Hypnosis is one of the most widely used techniques for identifying the origins of nervous crises. Cognitive-behavioural therapy will help you find the best way to deal with the inner conflicts that have caused you so much discomfort. Pharmacological therapy, on the other hand, is only useful for relieving the symptoms of hysteria.

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