TikTok Review: Capture Memorable Moments and Share

Tik Tok is a free application developed in the form of social media for teens. Here you will create video content of any kind and share it with the users. Sing, dance, and entertain with TikTok. It was released in 2016, and it has gained popularity at a pace to be admired. You can find it in 75 languages compatible with most mobile devices.


The design is not minimalist, but it is well done with a comprehensive and a little bit cluttered layout. There are some inconvenient moments, like a random video playing when you open the app. You should take efforts to bring it to a stop. Well, but all other things are eye-pleasing. The user interface is intuitive, allowing you to cope with all features easily. You will see the information you need on the screen.


There are settings that allow you to adjust the app to your preferences to some extent. You should open your account with rich functionality, where you will store your videos, and every user of the app can view the collection and leave their opinion. Though, you are free to keep the videos private and restrict access to your account if you do not care of the number of your followers. The app allows parents to keep the usage of this app by their kids under control setting the utilization time and other limits. The thing that can be annoying is the permission to delete your account. If you decide to do it, you just cannot do it immediately by yourself. You are expected to send the request to the developer and get a delete code.

Features and Functions

The app comes with continuous updates, that is why new options appear constantly. There are tools allowing you to create videos, make music clips, shoot films, edit the content, integrate videos, speed them up, add filters, and stickers. TikTok is a kind of professional music studio, but durability of the content is restricted. Anyway, this is a perfect way to make the greeting video, compete with your friends, or just have fun singing your favorite songs and sharing the result with everybody. The app allows to leave comments and respond to the comments left by other users. You can chat with your friends here.


The title is compatible with any operating system and can be used with various platforms.

Use it with pleasure

This simple and affordable app is a perfect tool to unlock, develop, and show your creativity. It allows to communicate with a vast audience and make new friends. Download it and enjoy its diverse functionality and quality operation. The developer guarantees privacy provided by a range of well-thought settings.

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