The Sims™ 4 Review: Smooth and Deep

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game coming next after the previous releases of the franchise in 2014. Here you will be able to simulate modern life, applying plenty of tools and ideas.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are a little bit updated, but in general, the game looks similar to the other sequels. Here the open world which you can enjoy in the Sims 3 has been removed. Still, the neighborhood is open, allowing your Sims to walk around without restrictions, but entering any house, you will have to deal with a loading screen.


The controls are familiar if you have played the title before. But here you will get the Direct Controls allowing you to play the game in a quite different manner taking the Sims' moves under entire control. Press F1 to take the Sim under manual control and continue with a keyboard. If you want to refuse this total control, just click on the Sim you decide to stop controlling and go to the menu, find Options and choose Make Me an NPC.


The gameplay is about the simulation only still being quite complicated and deep. The title will invite you to impact on the Sims' life, teach them to succeed and have fun. Here you will communicate with virtual persons who like to buy things and look twenty until they're fifty. Almost everything around will remind California, including the environment and the way they all interact. You will construct your house, make it beautiful, and have vast experience dealing with smart characters.

Lasting appeal

The game comes with a lot of comfortable new features, including the engrossing multi-tasking. The Sims will perform the tasks whether you set or they assign themselves in running order. Now, several simultaneous tasks are possible. Your characters will listen to music, and at the same time, something will be happening anywhere. The Sim can make dinner and talk to his friend. They will do any things you can imagine in real life. The game feels absolutely natural, and that is why there are infinite possibilities. The replayability is very strong here.

Not challenging but diverse

The Sims 4 is about the wishes which come true to the slightest details, and it lies in your power to perform them. Be ready to earn social standing and develop your career navigating a Sim. Everything is possible here if you spend quite a lot of time. When you set the goal and achieve it, you will get awards in the form of special abilities. Live in this game while you are living your life.

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