Sex: how to increase your chances of getting pregnant

To date, although science has not yet found the perfect position to conceive, it has nevertheless managed to provide some simple useful advice in this regard.

Among the most common questions on the subject of sexuality, there are undoubtedly those relating to the most effective position to become pregnant.

Today, science has not yet been able to provide a definitive answer to this question. Professor Sheryl A. Kingsberg, an academic in reproductive biology and psychiatry at the Case University Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland (USA), also reminded us of this, stating that it is very difficult to identify specific sexual positions capable of promoting conception and that there are many variables to consider when talking about fertility (both male and female).

Nevertheless, some studies have been carried out, thanks to which we know that the position of the missionary can guarantee a few more points in favor of those seeking the stork. In this case, we are talking about an anatomical advantage, linked to the fact that spermatozoa have easier access to the cervical mucus. The latter, produced by estrogen hormones, plays a decisive role in protecting the sperm population during their “journey” to the egg.

As Dr Kelly Pagidas, a fertility specialist and university professor, has pointed out, the solid scientific data on this subject are almost non-existent. When discussing the missionary’s position to promote conception, it is also very important to remember that not all women have the same uterine structure. In the case of the retroverted uterus, choosing this position would in fact not have any kind of advantage.

The advice of the experts is therefore to opt for the preferred position among all, regardless of the (possible) advantages for the purposes of conception. As already mentioned, there are many other factors that count, including the attainment of orgasm. Several studies have noted that the apex of pleasure is able to promote the motility of sperm in the uterus. Of course, it is essential that the values for their speed are positive.

Another important aspect is the frequency of reports, which must be frequent but not obsessive. Science, at least until now, has not shown a higher rate of pregnancy among those who have daily sexual intercourse rather than every other day. Given the hand, it is also irrelevant the choice to put a pillow under the legs after the end of the relationship, as well as to keep them against the wall for 30 minutes.

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