If I don’t spoil you, my child, it’s to teach you the value of toil

Pampering your children can make you lose the value of your hard work.

The education of one’s own children is the most complex and delicate thing for a parent, but if faced with love and attention, it will transform the children of today into the great men of tomorrow.

One of the things that parents must learn to do is to pass on to their children the value of things and the effort to obtain them. In this sense, therefore, spoiling a child too much could be harmful to its growth.

In a society where time is becoming increasingly scarce, many mothers, taken by feelings of guilt for the few moments they spent with their children, let themselves go to a permissive behavior, to fill that absence.

So, inevitably, it happens that these children are spoiled, mostly supported on every request.

But love and affection in a parent-child relationship is not measured through the abundant presence of material objects and toys, on the contrary. To make up for the physical lack of a parent with a materialistic attitude would risk damaging our children and creating a distorted vision of what reality is.

Rather, you must teach the little men of tomorrow the value of fatigue, the beauty of conquering things. This will help them to develop their potential: the security and strength to face life and all its difficulties.

Teaching your children to work hard, to get something, will temper their character, they shoot that working with commitment and honesty will always repay them.

In addition, they can always count on respect, for themselves and for others.

Fatigue will teach your children to be strong and proud in the face of every adversity in life. They will become special people one day, able to conquer and change the world, and the merit will be yours alone. As parents, you have to learn to say no: your children will need to get in touch with reality, even the hardest reality. To spoil them as children would only risk making entry into the world even harder one day.

Educating children in this way means pushing them a bit into the jungle to make them strong lions.

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