Cash App Review: Peer-to-Peer Payment Service

Cash App is a safe mobile financial application available for free. It helps businesses and individuals to receive, send, spend, and save the funds on the go. It comes with the safety standards and fraud detection system that is why you can be sure the data is encrypted and safe.


It is well done with an uncluttered layout and very simple navigation. You will easily find the options you need following the displayed instructions. Tap the icons to perform the actions.


The app allows you to transfer and get payments using a credit or debit card. It is easy to use. You are suggested to register and verify your account, open it and on the Home page find a box where you should enter the needed amount. Now tap Pay to get the form to fill in. Enter your email address, your phone number, or your username registered in the app. Mention the purpose of your transaction and tap Pay again. In addition, you can apply various features like choosing to pay the whole bill or split it. Also, you are suggested to trade choosing the most profitable stocks and exchanges, including Bitcoin. All that you need is your credit or debit card. You can use the app even without verification if you are planning to transfer small amounts.

Features and Functions

The app is safe, allowing you to protect your account with your personal data and transactions using a passcode. The transfer is performed almost instantly. When you send any allowed amount of money, the recipient is notified with a textual message or e-mail. The app allows you to do online or in-store shopping using your card. You can benefit from discounts suggested by various stores and venues. Apply them selecting a correspondent Cash Boost before payment is performed. Also, you can store your Bitcoins on your account here, follow the market quotation, and purchase the asset when it is profitable. Be sure you will not be charged any hidden fees for transactions. The app allows you to get a virtual and physical Visa debit card.


The app can be downloaded on any mobile device. It is compatible with the latest Android and Apple operating systems.

Buy, invest, send and receive

The app is perfect being worth trying, especially if your activity is connected with online payments. It provides an instant result. Mind that there are spending and withdrawal limits on the cash card per week – it makes $1000.

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