Instagram Guides Get Even Better

In May of this year, Instagram introduced a new Guides feature to users. It is available primarily to companies and organizations that specialize in both physical and mental health. These step-by-step instructions have become popular and have proven to be useful in times of isolation and a worldwide pandemic. The developers are already working on improving this feature to expand its capabilities.

What's It About?

Currently, only photos and short videos can be added to guides, which forces creators to look for third-party resources to post their tips (other social networks and blogs). However, the company is committed to ensuring that users can post comprehensive guides and step-by-step instructions on their Instagram profiles.

instagram guides

It is rumored that this feature's update will provide more freedom of action for media personalities and influencers, not only in the Health category but also in other areas. As the developers said earlier, this function had been planned primarily as a travel guide, but it was repurposed due to the world's current situation. After the update, Guides are expected to be used precisely as initially planned.

Depending on the type you will choose, you will be able to create your own guide to specific places and institutions that you would like to recommend to your subscribers. It will also be possible to make a list of excellent products and posts that you find interesting. This format will help creators and influencers increase their own income or the income of affiliate resources.

When to Wait for the Update?

Instagram representatives confirmed that they are currently expanding and improving the Guides feature, but did not give an exact date for the update. It is not yet clear when it will become available to a wide audience. Are you the one who is lucky enough to test the Guides? Please, share your impressions with our readers.