Fortnite Restrictions for Apple Users

If you are even a little passionate about the game world, you have probably already heard about a massive battle between Epic Games and Apple. Back in mid-August, the popular Fortnite game was removed from the AppStore in retaliation for the developer's attempt to bypass the digital store's payment systems. It was followed by lawsuits and legal proceedings, which are still ongoing.

And Epic Games recently released an update that makes Fortnite work with restrictions on iOS and Mac. Does this mean that the owners of Apple devices will not be able to play anymore?

The Update Is Not for Everyone

plating fortnite on iphone

The fresh update and a new game season that the company released at the end of August excludes players using Apple products. This move divided the entire audience into two parts that could not play with each other, and in fact, led to the emergence of two different versions of the game. Now, IOS and Mac users simply do not have access to the world in which other players exist. But Fortnite's success was largely based on full cross-platform compatibility, which no other game could offer.

In addition to these restrictions, the battle royale will also be left without new content — maps, rewards, etc. In our opinion, ordinary players do not deserve such limitations. Apparently, Epic Games hasn't found a better way to fight Apple's monopoly. How long the game will last without players with iOS and Mac devices and whether Fortnite will return to the AppStore is a big question.

What's Next?

According to experts, this conflict will primarily negatively affect Apple's reputation, even if it wins the court. Moreover, many large corporations sided with Epic Games and opposed Apple's monopoly and its high commission. Do you use an iPhone or Mac to play Fortnite? Or are you a happy owner of Android and PC?