Zoom Meetings Become Fun

If meetings with colleagues at Zoom seemed too formal for you, then the company has good news. The developers added Snapchat-style filters to spice up gray weekdays and add a little fun to the workflow in the latest update. New features include filters, reactions, backgrounds, and more. Of course, if you want to remain serious, you can simply turn them off.

What's New?

To make up for the lack of communication with colleagues, the developers have created functions to make work meetings funnier. Thus, users got the opportunity to customize their own appearance. During a video conference, you can wear a mask and temporarily become a pirate or unicorn. Use color filters to make your image black and white like in old movies, or color everything pink.

zoom filters screenshot

Besides, they added settings that allow you to control retouching and adjust the lighting. Now you can tune the perfect image even in low light conditions. And the face smoothing function will make you look perfect in any meeting.

You can also adjust the noise reduction settings. If dogs are barking under your window or the wind is howling outside, you can eliminate the unnecessary noise for the best sound quality. Alternatively, if you want background sounds, such as music during a yoga class, use minimum noise suppression.

But that's not all. Other features include emoji reactions, professional presentation tools, dark mode for Android and iOS, the opportunity to add a whole organization to any meeting, etc.

How to Use It?

Download Zoom from a digital store on your device. And if you already have this app, update it to the latest version 5.2. If you don't want all these filters, reactions, and backgrounds, you can turn them off for a specific account, user, or an entire group on the Zoom site.