Top 4 Gaming Apps for Android

Gaming apps are a great way to have fun if you are tired of classic mobile games. Such apps let you take a fresh look at the capabilities of your smartphone. Many of them use an accelerometer built into your phone, GPS, or Bluetooth, or just use a big screen to the full and take gaming to the next level. We have picked some of the best paid and free game apps for Android that you should definitely try.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

The game is based on the self-titled comics by the popular artist Joe Madureira. The Battle Chasers: Nightwar's plot is based on an incredibly beautiful legend that will make you forget about reality. The game world is a JRPG with steampunk elements, so guns and electricity coexist with magic and werewolves. In the role of the brave girl Gully, you go in search of your father, meet many interesting characters, and fight hordes of enemies. At first, you have only defensive stances and simple moves, but you will get personal attacks over time.

Mobile Wins

mobile wins screenshot

If you are a fan of an app format such as an online casino, we recommend trying Mobile Wins. There are many slot machines, table games, and even sports betting (more than 1500 games from more than twenty developers). Conveniently, you can play on any Android device or directly on the developer's website. The app supports most of the popular payment systems so that you can find the most suitable withdrawal method for you. The developer company guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data. If you have questions or any difficulties, 24/7 support is always ready to help you.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery gameplay

Step into the role of a detective in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. You have to explore the suddenly deserted town in which your father lived, and find out what happened. To unravel the riddle, look into every corner in search of clues and keys. All locations in the game are three-dimensional; you can unfold them and inspect them from all sides. In addition to ordinary residential buildings, there are dark cellars and even ancient catacombs. Last year, this game was recognized as the best game for Androids and won many prestigious awards for such a variety.

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokemon Cafe Mix gameplay

There are never too many games about Pokemons. That is why we have included the Pokemon Cafe Mix on our list. In your diner, all customers and employees are Pokemons. To complete an order, you need to solve tricky puzzles. Need to whip cream or chop the tomatoes? Put several elements together and drag them to the desired location. All this you should complete in a certain number of moves. If you fail, you will lose one of five lives. To prevent this from happening, use the super-abilities of your Pokemon assistants, and hire new employees.

Find Your Favorite Game App

We have included universal games and apps in this collection that can be installed on any device. So you do not need to have the best Android for gaming, as these projects have low system requirements. Do you have any favorite gaming apps that aren't on our list? Share them in the comments.