Digital Board Game Terra Mystica - a New Expansion!

A new expansion of digital board game adaptation Terra Mystica was published several months ago. It's called Terra Mystica: Fire and Ice, and it's adding a whole heap of new content to the really rather excellent game.

And what's Fire and Ice going to feature? Well, it adds another six races to the game, which brings the total up to 20. And on top of that, it throws in two new terrain types, namely Ice and Volcanoes. You see why it's called Fire and Ice now, right? Also in this expansion was included a new level of AI, hard level, giving experienced players new challenges in the game.

If you don't know what Terra Mystica is, it's a simple yet deep strategy game that sees you trying to control the terrain on a board in order to build your own structures.

In the game, traditional factions brace themselves for new competitors as fire and ice descend upon the world of Terra Mystica. Terrifying Yetis, frosty Ice Maidens, devoted Acolytes, and mighty Dragonlords seek to make their mark in the Fire & Ice expansion. With homes in the new Ice and Volcano terrain types, these factions alter the landscape drastically. This expansion also introduces Shapeshifters and Riverwalkers, who ignore the most basic of rules: one faction, one terrain type!

There are benefits for building close to other players, but you need to handle the way that narrows down your options as well.

The Fire and Ice expansion is already available for all the platforms you can get Terra Mystica on, even for Windows Phone, yes. And if you get it on one, you'll be able to play it on your other devices as well, which is a very good thing. The cost of this game is $9.99.